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Thread: Daedalus ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fenald View Post
    You don't think blizzard has their game and lore/names associated with it copyrighted...................?

    I couldn't even find d2s ToS but this is from WoWs ToS and this is pretty much standard in ALL games:
    OK, you are right, but maybe a simple "Buriza" wouldnt be too much trouble.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rugz View Post
    KHADGAR'S Pipe of Insight
    LOTHAR'S Edge
    NATHREZIM Buckler

    If they changed those what makes you think Buriza would stay?

    Besides, DotA came from EoS, the WC3 map editor was just the platform that allowed it to be created, so technically DotA 2 should have references to the source engine, not warcraft.
    Famous lore characters and creature names from the warcraft universe are not equal with one weapon name IMO.
    Also, the commonly used names are should be authoritative here. So, only "Lothar" is a problem, the rest are called "Pipe" and "buckler" anyway.
    And no, its not about the engine, there is a lot of stuff from ancient historys, legends and so.
    The "Spy's Dagger of Invisibility" would be silly :P

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    "Buriza" means "Blizzard" in japanese

    Call it Kyanon, end of story

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    Daedalus has actually been used in different games such as "Ragnarok". It's also a crossbow in that game.

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