Single-target spells with an aoe effect have gotten a unique aoe targeting cursor some time ago. However, this targeting cursor does not show up sometimes.

1. Pick a hero named below and level up the named spell
2. Point your mouse cursor on a valid tar get for the spell
3. While pointing on it, select the spell

Result: The special single-target-aoe targeting cursor does not appear. Instead, the default aoe targeting cursor for spells like light strike array appears.

Expected: No matter what the mouse cursor points on, the special single-target-aoe targeting cursor should appear.

Affected abilities
Alchemist - Unstable Concoction Throw
Anti-Mage - Mana Void
Earthshaker - Enchant Totem
Lich - Frost Blast
Lion - Finger of Death
Luna - Eclipse
Omniknight - Purification
Ogre Magi - Ignite
Oracle - Fortune's End
Sven - Storm Hammer
Tiny - Toss