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Thread: battle pass Wagering bug

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    Exclamation battle pass Wagering bug

    Hello, I did not receive my reward for two betting games.

    Match id: 3032573361 hero:Necrophos (wagered 250 points= won 500 points)

    Match id: 3032656973 hero:Luna (wagered 250 points= won 500 points)

    Please Fix this i want my wager points please, alot of people are reporting this issue.

    Thank you.

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    Did not receive my battle points as well.

    Match id: 3032369795 hero: Bloodseeker wagered 250 points

    Match id: 3032472497 hero: Bloodeeker wagered 250 points

    Match id: 3032599801 hero: Sniper wagered 250 points

    Match id: 3032703215 hero: Bloodseeker wagered 250 points

    (won all four games, received no battle points)

    Also, I've noticed that my battle tokens have reset themselves now. I hope that it is still possible for me to receive my previous wager points as it appears many people are having this same issue.

    the Dota Community.

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    I Got The Same Problem For Many Games.
    Please Help And Thanks

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    Same problem here. Wagered 250 tokens, someone on the other team disconnected and the match was ended (poor network conditions). Anyway, my team won the game and I didn't receive my 500 points or my 250 tokens back.
    Please help me.
    ID: 3045357666
    Thank you!

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