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Thread: Slardar hotkey bug

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    Slardar hotkey bug

    I use the legacy and hotkey item follow attach image

    Normally I use item blink in hotkey "E" and the problem is when I played slardar and Naix (My team) hero use ulti (4th skill) to me I can not use blink @"E" button.
    I solved this problem by swap button item from "E" to "Spacebar" it work!! but its not my bold. This is my big problem and make my lose too much.
    Please help me to fix this problem.
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    Simplest fix: don't use legacy hotkeys
    ... or at least don't use E for items together with legacy hotkeys - choose one or the other, since E is bound to LifeStealer's AbilitySecondary2

    For reference, the following keys can conflict with legacy hotkeys:
    That's the reason why in legacy DotA, inventory keys were keypad 789 456.
    And you have no less than 4 possible conflicts.

    My personal opinion is that legacy hotkeys should have been removed with the 7.00 patch, since you can create Unit Specific Hotkeys to mimic the legacy layout if you want it, without generating conflicts.
    So go on and make your custom layout. Or use hotkeys for items that would not conflict with the default legacy layout, like 123456 (and use ZXCVBN for groups 1-6 instead).

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