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Thread: [Axe] Culling Blade can target Wraith ghosts without killing them

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    [Axe] Culling Blade can target Wraith ghosts without killing them

    Culling Blade cannot kill a hero who is in Wraith form (Wraith King's Aghanim's Scepter effect, green ghosts). But it can be cast on them. It does not kill them, applies the aoe speed effect, which is supposed to happen when the target dies. It also expends mana, but doesn't go on cooldown, since the cooldown-reset conditions were met.

    Especially bots have an issue here. An Axe bot will spam Culling Blade on a wraith until it runs out of mana.

    Current behavior: Culling Blade can target heroes in Wraith form, not killing them, but applying the on-kill effects (cooldown reset and aoe boost)

    Expected behavior: 2 options:
    1. Culling Blade can kill wraiths. This would make it consistent with Culling Blade's behavior vs other death-preventing effects (Shallow Grave, False Promise and Borrowed Time, all of which Culling Blade penetrates)
    2. Culling Blade is unable to target wraiths.

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