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Thread: [Axe] [Winter's Curse] Berserker's Call's and Winter's Curse taunt can be canceled

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    [Axe] [Winter's Curse] Berserker's Call's and Winter's Curse taunt can be canceled

    Old thread

    When a unit is affected by Berserker's Call and Winter's Curse, the first applied one takes priority and the second applied one basically takes effect when the first one expires before it. This works all fine, if the taunted unit does not receive any orders from the player. But if it does receive orders, the taunt can be avoided.

    1. Cast Berserker's Call, hitting an enemy
    2. Before the Call expires, cast Winter's Curse so that the same unit is within the curse's radius
    3. Give the taunted unit any order (fast repeatedly)

    Result: As soon as Berserker's Call expires, the unit executes the order you spam. Although it is affected by Winter's Curse still, it does not attack the cursed unit.

    The same happens when the spells get switched. When Winter's Curse was applied first and expires first, the unit executs the spammed order, instead of switching to Axe for the remainder of Berserker's Call's duration.

    Duel also causes this issue, but only one way. Duel takes priority over Call and Curse. So here, Duel has to expire first in order to repro this bug. The same happens as before. As Duel expires, the unit executes the given order, instead of attacking Axe/the cursed unit

    Also, only one order gets executed. After the unit finishes that order, it stands still for the remainder of the taunt's duration.

    Expected: Berserker's Call and Winter's Curse should be more strict. Like Duel, they should not allow units to escape the taunt.

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    Winter Wyvern Bug - Units running away during Winter's Curse

    Match ID: 5445160517

    At around 15:23 and 25:13 in game time, Winter Wyvern uses Winter's Curse on a target with another enemy hero in range. Expected behaviour is that the enemy hero will start attacking the target. However, in both cases the enemy hero walks to the edge of Winter's Curse's circle and just stands there. In the first instance, Tidehunter is targeted while Slark walks away. In the second instance, Tusk is targeted while Tidehunter walks away.

    This seems to be related to Axe using Berseker's Call. In both cases, the enemy hero that walks away was affected by Berseker's Call just before Winter's Curse taunt was applied.

    Video reference:
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