Battle Hunger grants you 12% movement speed per enemy you have debuffed with it.

But when Rubick does this, and then loses the spell, he also loses the movement speed bonus, despite there still being debuffed enemies.

Even worse, if you re-steal it and the reacast it on the already debuffed enemies, you don't get movement speed. You have to wait for the curse to expire first.

1. Steal Battle Hunger
2. Cast it on an enemy
3. Steal another spell

Result: You lose the 12% movement speed bonus as soon as you lose the spell. The Battle Hunger self-buff/modifier disappears upon spell loss

Expected: Rubick should lose the movement speed bonus when there are no cursed enemies anymore.

Possible solution: Make Rubick keep the "axe_battle_hunger_self" modifier even after losing the spell. The modifier is responsible for the movement speed gain, and is only visible in the HUD when there is a cursed enemy. Or make him keep the modifier until no enemy has the debuff anymore.