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Thread: Hot Key Binding Issues with Dota 2

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    Hot Key Binding Issues with Dota 2

    So I've been wanting to play a lot of meepo recently and been trying to change up my keybindings to see what fits me best. But I've run into a problem that i have no clue how to fix. Basically, whenever I press the number 1 and 2 on my keyboard, above the letter Q and W, it automatically brings up team chat in game. Whenever I try to assign any other key-bind to these to keys, all it does it bring up group chat. Even when I tried to assign different control groups to the keys 1 and 2, it still acts as though I'm bringing up the team chat. Any suggestions on how to fix this? Am I missing something here? Would appreciate any feedback.

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    enable console and type

    unbind 1
    unbind 2

    then bind them in the UI again.
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