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Thread: [Suggestion] Improved stats window + Hero builder

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    [Suggestion] Improved stats window + Hero builder

    Hi, im new here.

    I've played thousands of moba matches. Recently i've received invite to Dota 2 and the first thing which "hit me" was lack of ability to find important informations in the game client. I know that it's still beta so i dont expect things to work perfectly therefore that's why im posting here.

    I was playing DoomBringer and i ate some wolf in the jungle which gave me passive criticals chance to do more dmg. Later i bought Daedalus and i wanted to check whether it stack or not and how much critical chance / dmg i've in current situations. I realized that hud doesn't show any informations about critical chance, critical dmg etc. Also i'd like to check how much hp / mp regen i've when both bars are full? Ofc without using any ability nor taking dmg if possible. I'd like to know if there are any sorf / hard caps for resistances etc, and whether things stack additively or multiplicatively.

    With that in mind, i'd like to ask you to add additional option which display all stats affecting Heroes in certain situation. Also i'd be nice if we could see what ping (ms) do we have.

    Another thing which i'd like to see in full release is "Hero builder". There's lot's of fan sites using such stuff for LoL and i'd be nice to have in Dota 2 as well. I'll post link below so you can understand what im expecting. Such thing would be nice to have in the client, not only on site. It helps understand the game and theorycraft about reaching possible stats in end game without playing.


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    Chaotic post, but some nice things.

    hp/mp regen when full: YES
    ping in scoreboard: YES

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    One more thing: Can we get option which change colour of units / building which can be dennied? It may help new players who don't have experience with deny mechanic.

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