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Thread: BUG: GetTower(..,..) Will return nil if tower has fallen

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    Yep my bad. I've tried using IsAlive() and it still works. What is the difference between using "for building_k, building in pairs(tablebuildings) do" and "for _, building in pairs(tablebuildings) do"? Can it affect the handle?

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    No. The syntax is for key,pair in pairs(key_pair_value) do ... end.
    Sometimes you only need the key, sometimes you only need the pair and sometimes you need both. using for _, value is just a way of saying you only need the value, but not the key. This is because you can't do for , value in pairs() since it's a syntax error. Using _ is a simple way of using an allowed character to "not" use the key Of course you can still use _ in the code itself, it's just a cosmetic thing for coders to tell other coders that the key isn't needed.

    For readability you should only write what you use. If, in pair, you only need the key, then using for key,value in pairs() is just overkill.

    Think of it as best practice.
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    I'm not seeing a crash with this as my main bot think code, when destroying the first top tower:

    function Think()
    	local tower = GetTower(GetOpposingTeam( ), TOWER_TOP_1);	
    	if (tower ~= nil and tower:IsAlive() ) then
    		print ("tower alive" )

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    when we check tower ~= nil, no crash happen and that's right. but if we only use IsAlive() function, crash happens. just for notice. thanks Chris

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