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    Cool Tutorial needs to be improved

    newbies are really stupid. HOW STUPID CAN THEY GET?

    well if you ask me their gonna have a bad time and quit dota 2 quickly and move to league of legend. *antimage laughing*


    -Riki's cast range needs to be reduced and his as speed
    -Legion Commander is suspending suprise noob and 40+ duel damage or 25% cd reduction needs rework

    Axe needs his mobility reduction also his cast range should be a talent tree

    Chaos Knight needs his armor debuff increased and reduce his +2 stun to a talebt tree to 4+ stun. Because he's already op with his illusions.

    Pl is super weak also ember needs more buff. They aren't that op a bit of extra damage and bkb will crush them.

    Techie's cast range needs rework he's 1k cast range on forcestaff needs to stop. Super annoying everyone will be dumb after playing againts a techie. Who gave him that much cast range?

    Bloodseeker needs his ult movement damage reduced. most annoying thing ever.

    Lifestealer is seductively significant to 5 vs 1. and he can just ult to an enemy-alied creep to escape. need his base armor to be a talent tree

    Pudge is terrifying reedit his hook animation so newbies can dodge it (but how about arc warden's spark wraith exactly)

    Meepo is Meepo. lol what you expect

    they literally don't know how to teamwork (like saving a team, how to stop a carry from farming, warding, how to focus on what to kill first or assist an ally who needs help on killing a hero that is very hard to kill like a 400 duel victory LC, a rikimaru who is cancer and a Slark who is super cancer not even a techie planting wards for his green bombs *they don't buy sentry wards because of the new patch* also they think that THE GREEN BOMBS CANNOT BE SEEN THROUGH WARDS. tell them to teamwork if they don't then tell them to get a life.

    can you at least teach them basic mechanics on how to save a hero or how to teamup as a team and show what dota 2 really is l
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