Replay ID: 3048825930

So right on picking phase, it made a message that Juggernaut and Alchemist had abandoned ; I tried to disconnect, since for other player it would mean a "poor network condition match" and no results would be accounted, but it didn't appear poor network conditions message on the main page; when beginning the game, Slark+Bristleback had appeared that disconnected, but were still on the game and could talk with us; right before the first creep wave appeared, Slark+Bristleback fully disconnected and abandoned. Since it still hasn't appeared "poor network conditions" message, i've waited for 5 minutes, so one more reason for disconnect (not moving character+not getting xp), and yet the game still counted as abandon for me.

The system still hasn't understood that this match would be an obvious poor network condition match, and it still hasn't been corrected.