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Thread: Bots Randomly Spawn Real / Clone Bots

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    Question Bots Randomly Spawn Real / Clone Bots

    In one of my bots vs bots game some heroes randomly spawn their real heroes considering they're not blue colored like usual illusions and last forever. Is it because of Shadow Demon in game? But I see it with my own eyes when Shadow Demon cast his disruption to enemy team the illusions will disappear after the duration ends. Any idea of what may cause it? In this game Tiny's clones spawned in Radiant team even though Tiny is on Dire Team. And Sven's clone is spawned as Dire team which is matched with Sven's team and got killed before. Unfortunately I haven't took the screenshot of it.

    Here is some of the screenshots

    Edit : If I take a look closer to the screenshot, the Tiny clone has Shadow Demon K|D|A stats. Maybe it's because of Shadow Demon. But why this happened?
    Edit2 : After I looked at the replay, I think Sven's clone is produced from the illusions rune. His illusions died, and suddenly respawn at the base and that illusions becoming permanent illusion.
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    I think i had a situation while playing with your scripts where i believe one of spectre's illusions bought back, becoming a permanent illusion (the real spectre was still dead, but there was a buyback notification for spectre). Not sure whether the illusion came from the illusion rune, manta style, or her haunt; but hopefully this information helps.

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    Haven't seen Chris post any replies recently...

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    But if you have observed the API more carefully, you will find several changes or new API even if ChrisC hasnt told us, such as GetUnitToLocationDistanceSqr( handle, vector ) : float .
    Here is the links:

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    Maybe I should check whether the bot is illusions or not in BuybackUsageThink() in order to prevent illusions for buying back.

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    While you should, it should rather get fixed instead of relying on dev unit management.
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