Making an account to report this bug as it highly frustrating.

It seems that the Dota 2 client is forgetting the user's selection for matchmaking region between sessions. This bug seemed to occur sometime after 7.00 as in prior builds this selection was retained between sessions. This can be extremely detrimental to player experience as it is not obvious the setting has been changed until after they enter a match.

Steps to replicate:

  1. Open Dota 2 Client
  2. Select Play Dota
  3. Open 'Select Matchmaking Regions' menu, select a region
  4. Start queuing for a match and confirm the region selection in the bottom right has been updated, cancel the queue for a match
  5. Close the Dota 2 client and reopen it
  6. Select Play Dota
  7. Open the 'Select Matchmaking Regions' menu ::Settings have reverted to Automatically pick the best region based on my location