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    Today I queued up for a solo ranked game but instead of searching for all pick I mistakenly searched in captains mode. Here i met 9 bots or some sort of program where 4 of team mates were afk while 5 people on the other team pushed together. While i was trying to reason with them a member in my team kept repeating the same message "Stay afk or get 9 reports". I honestly think something should be done about this.
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    Wow. How do they manage to get 2xbot teams to match up tho.

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    All what i know about it just dota have many abusers, they are up level accounts to 20 lvl profile, make mmr with stacking games 10 accounts, on cm rd mode and up any mmr what they want, than sale accounts.

    -ability draft or cm mode for up level 20 accounts 10 accouts. They are just staying on mid t 1 until game will be 40-90 minutes.
    -when they have lp pool they use single draft 10 accounts and out from there in 25 minutes - 5 games. players must pay for this 5 games.
    -cm rd ranked mode for up mmr. (any mmr)

    Info about punishment abused accounts. Some players saying they cant search any games.
    I give u some examples about abused account
    This player up 8200 mmr with this way, and now he never playing solo ranked, only party. Mb he cant search solo mmr, mb he just want hide his abused games by playing party mmr IDK.

    -Volvo not give to comunity info who banned or who not, so thats why nobody not know about this. Just play doto and try up ur skill without cheating, and what important, try get fun from computer games.
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    .... that's just some random dude who is unlucky to play with bots ....

    your teammates is the one who is using the bot i think.

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