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Thread: DDOS Attackers in SEA

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    DDOS Attackers in SEA

    Match ID: 3061318244
    MMR: 4919
    My team: Dire
    My hero: Disruptor
    MMR Lost: 26

    Hello. I would like to report a DC Hack or DDOS attack on the match with the ID mentioned above.

    In this game, only people in my team were disconnected. I believe we were disconnected 3 times. At the first time, 3 of us got disconnected at the same time and and fed. At the third time (23:24), everyone on Dire was disconnected at the same time, wherein the Dota 2 client crashes back to the desktop. I immediately tried to reconnect to the game. 2-3 attempts to reconnect resulted in crashes, preventing all of us to reconnect to the game to pause for others. When someone was able to connect to the game, he paused, allowing for the other 3 players to reconnect (take note: only milliseconds apart). By that time, the radiant team already rushed mid and destroyed the melee and range barracks. The "late" reconnection was too convenient for the enemy team: there was no way we could have performed a comeback. Moreover, the position 1 carry (Luna) still couldn't connect (re-crashed 5 times) as the 4 of us clashed with the enemy, much to Radiant's convenience.

    As you can see in the description above, especially the client reconnection-crash shenanigan, it's way too suspicious to be brushed off as a server-side malfunction. Once again, this happened 3 times and only players from Dire were disconnected.

    We were winning the game already, had minor bumps in the game (DC feeding), and only had one major clash mishap, but the situation showed that it was still good enough for us to win.

    I believe the whole radiant team do not deserve to gain MMR from this match. Please give us justice and nullify this game, if you're not going to give dire the MMR to punish the enemy team's abuse.

    Please give us justice. Thank you.

    P.S. Before anyone posts on this thread, please watch the game's replay first.
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