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Thread: Couldn't search tonight for Battle Cup SEA Division

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    Angry Couldn't search tonight for Battle Cup SEA Division


    Tried to form a party tonight for Battle Cup, no matter what we did we couldn't get the cup to search. Went and bought another 5 tickets, just in case... but nope, no matter what happened, couldn't get it to start.
    Recreated team, tried with different members, different party leaders, different team names, different images. Sad part is I know it was working for some, coz I had 5 other groups in my friends list all playing

    We were 3x T4 and 2x T5 people trying to search for a T5 division cup:

    Bunch of threads all over reddit of people with similar issues. Pretty disappointed, was hoping to go for my second win in a row :'(

    Anybody know what happened? Pretty stink if it was caused by the "battle cup free weekend", would rather it just used a ticket than I miss out on a week!

    Some others it affected:

    Edit: This poor dude couldn't play, and missed out on his change to make a 6-week win-streak!
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    Basically, I'm just *really* concerned that this will happen again next week, and so I'd love to get an official response about why it happened etc and to know if the issue is fixed in time for next weeks Battle Cup...

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    Also, Steam Support for DotA2 is an absolute fucking joke, like actually never seen anything so abysmal in my life:

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    Is there anybody from Valve who can comment on this? I'd like to ensure this isn't going to reoccur this weekend!

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    Dear Valve:
    For what it's worth (If anybody ever actually visits this forum to read it), this didn't reoccur the following weekend, and I was able to enter last night.

    I can therefor only surmise the issue was because of the free-play weekend, some random bug related to that.

    Please investigate so it doesn't reoccur again if you ever were to re-do a free weekend. I would rather have paid than to have to miss out on a weeks Battle Cup due to silly bugs like that!

    The thousands of people who got fucked over by this bug

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    It really seems like they didn't read the entire thread at all. I think they're too busy replying to all the questions with the same answers. They replied to my ticket in a similar manner as well.

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