After the recent update, my mouse left-click has been bugging out. So far, I've found a couple issues, which include:
  • When going into the controls menu and selecting a hotkey to modify, I can only modify it once, then every further left-click within the menu brings up the "phrases" selector. To fix this, I have to click outside of the controls menu then go back into it, effectively only being allowed to change one hotkey at a time.
  • When left-clicking outside of Dota onto my secondary monitor, the clicks affect the actual game although I'm on a different program (this issue has only happened a few times).
  • MAIN ISSUE -> When clicking anywhere in the "Heroes" tab or the hero-picking screen in-game, Abaddon is immediately selected. Sometimes when in game, I can click on other heroes, but when I click on "Choose Hero," no matter what hero I'm on, I'm given Abaddon.

The reason I think this is a problem with my mouse is because sometimes when modifying hotkeys and setting them as the side buttons on my mouse, instead of saying "MOUSE6," it shows up as "JOY6," which I'm assuming means that Dota somehow registers my mouse as a joystick. This has never happened until the recent patch, so hopefully someone can please help me out with this. My mouse is a Mad Catz R.A.T. Pro X, if that information is necessary.