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Thread: Questions regarding dota_bot_reload_scripts

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    Questions regarding dota_bot_reload_scripts

    I have found out some unexpected behaviors regarding dota_bot_reload_scripts.

    1) For "built-in" scripts like ability_item_usage_generic.lua, the code will get reloaded even without calling dota_bot_reload_scripts. Although it's not reloaded soon after saving, but rather at the game engine's own schedule.
    2) For other scripts, like if I have a helper.lua and require it in the script file, it will not get reloaded, even after calling dota_bot_reload_scripts. The only way to reload this script is on game restart.

    Is it possible to also reload the scripts in 2)? Either like in 1) or by calling dota_bot_reload_scripts

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    Modules loaded with require() are stored in the package.loaded table. You may be able to do something to this effect to force a reload. I haven't tested it other than printing package.loaded.modulename to see values.

    package.loaded[GetScriptDirectory().."/filename"] = nil
    ModuleVar = require( GetScriptDirectory().."/filename")
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    ive never come across an issue like this, that I know of.

    I just put `require( GetScriptDirectory().."/filename")` in places I need to use that file contents and reload_scripts seems to reload everything fine Lina bot which pulls small camp when 'laning' (Aim to work on pulling and stacking bots initially) Parsing data from bot games

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