This is quite an annoying interaction. The 40-second Token Wagering window is blocking right-clicks from being input.
Thus, a large portion of the screen cannot take right-click inputs.

I couldn't get a capture of this interaction during a live match, so the replays below do not show the actual window.. But, you can see that my mouse inputs are being ignored when right-clicking onto the area where the 40-second Wager UI is suppose to be:

Instance 1:
This was pretty costly. My hero essentially stopped moving for several seconds because I didn't realize my right-clicks were registering.
At 00:15, I try to move upwards, by my clicks are being blocked by the Wager GUI window.

Also, two other interactions I've noticed with repeated mouse clicks:
  • Holding Right-click on the Wager UI Hitbox, then dragging off, will prevent all right-click inputs.
  • Holding Right-click and dragging over the Wager UI Hitbox will still allow right-clicks to go through, repeatedly.

Instance 2:
Once I realized what was causing the bug, I tried to reproduce some instances in the following game, with regular right-click and repeated right-clicks.

Simply go into a live multiplayer match. Try to right-click around the area where the wagering window is and right-clicks will not register.
This also happens when the 'drop-down' is minimized. This interaction is even worse, as the UI becomes an invisible box blocking inputs.