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Thread: net_force_steamdatagram true is not working

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    net_force_steamdatagram true is not working

    Hi I am playing from India.

    I usually play in SEA and India servers.

    My pings to India and SEA directly are 28ms and 100ms respectively.

    Recently valve has setup a routing cluster 'maa' near my region to which my ping is only 3ms. This hugely reduces my total ping to almost all servers. To SEA it is 36(3+33)ms and to India it is 27(3+24)ms only.

    But lately I am getting connected to direct IP rather than through steamdatagram protocol.

    net_force_steamdatagram set to true doesn't seems to take effect. It used to work. But now it doesn't.

    And when I tried to connect manually to the steamId I got the folllowing error message

    [Client] Sending connect to =[A:1:2167304195:8282]
    [SteamDatagramClient] Cannot connect to proxied gameserver [A:1:2167304195:8282] via steam datagram. We don't have an authorization ticket!

    Please help me. Thank you.
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