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Thread: I have a winrate of 10%. Where is your 50% matchmaking?

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    I have a winrate of 10%. Where is your 50% matchmaking?

    Matchmaking is supposed to grant ~50%. But I consistently get games stacked against me recently. Been going on for maybe 6 months.

    I drop money on the compendium, but how am I supposed to do challenges if every game is stacked against me?

    I played 7 games, one a single one of them today.

    I don't know why you can't just fucking FIX MATCHMAKING. I've posted before. DotA keeps pairing me in matches just to get me raped. I'm not a good player. I want to play against people my skill level. I don't want to play against fucking pros, it isnt fucking fun when my rax are down at 20 mins every fucking game.

    THIS IS BROKEN. IT IS A BUG. Look at my recent games. I won 3 of the last 20 matches. That is fucked up. This has been going on for weeks.

    I have limited free time in my life and I've been wasting it on broken matchmaking. I spent a fuckton of money on last years TI, and you can bet your fucking ass I'm not spending a goddamn dime this year. DotA has completely ceased to be fun, now it's just a matter of breaking my addiction.

    You refuse to fix matchmaking. I know I'm not the only one complaining. It's bullshit. I'm told to expect 50%. I get about 10%-20%.

    Honestly, I'd like my money back, but I know Valve's response to that is to say "okay!" and delete my account.

    It is an absolute shame that you have brought me to absolutely hate everything about this game that I used to love.

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    Now that I am cooler:

    Please investigate my account. Is there a number somewhere that is causing this wonky behavior? This is highly unfair and unfun for me.

    I'm not the best DotA player. Probably not even a particularly good player. I just want to be able to play with and against people of my own meager skill level. And maybe get better, but most importantly have fun when I spend what little time I have playing this game.

    I expect to lose some. I expect to lose about 50%. Something is wrong when I lose 80% or 90%. And it's not a momentary streak, it's over the course of many months. Something is wrong in my account that makes DotA think I'm better than I am or something, that it needs to pair me against better players and with often bad players, usually including toxic feeders.

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