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Thread: [Bane] Several fixes and additions to his ability & modifier tooltips

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    [Bane] Several fixes and additions to his ability & modifier tooltips

    Current issues:

    1. Enfeeble says it reduces physical damage, instead of physical attack damage. It has no effect on spell damage
    2. Enfeeble has a redundant unpurgeable ALT note, info is already in the header
    3. Nightmare tooltip doesn't mention the vision loss it causes. The text should somehow mention this (nightmared units have their vision temporarily removed)
    4. Nightmare tooltip "target enemy or friendly Hero", implying that non-hero units cannot be targeted. Also, "hero" shouldn't be capitalized.
    5. Add Fiend's Grip note saying it provides True Sight over the target
    6. Fiend's Grip's debuff has a non-updating value, it always says 5%, even though scepter increases it to 10%.
    7. Nightmare also has an un-updating damage value, always saying 20 damage. Although it doesn't matter, it may matter in the future.

    Other stuff, mainly ALT notes which could be added

    1. Move Enfeeble duration from the text to the traits below
    2. Add Enfeeble ALT note saying that multiple casts on same target don't stack
    3. Add Enfeeble note saying that it can't be cast on ancients (or Roshan, if the ancients interaction gets changed)
    4. Add Brain Sap note saying that it always heals for the full amount, regardless of how much damage it deals
    5. Nightmare's first ALT note about damaging allies can be shortened
    6. Nightmare's 2nd ALT note about nightmared units waking up can be shortened and split up
    7. Split up the transfer part of the note into a new line and mention that it transfers on attack begin, not on hit
    8. Add Nightmare note saying that its duration, including the invul phase, are refreshed when transfered
    9. Fiend's Grip has a redundant spell immunity interaction line. Info is already in the header.
    10. Add Fiend's Grip note saying that bane always gets the full mana, regardless of how much the target actually loses
    12. Add Fiend's Grip note saying that the scepter upgrade Nightmares also pierce spell immunity (unlike regular cast Nightmare)
    13. Add Fiend's Grip note saying that when scepter upgraded, Bane is not auto-attacked while channeling Fiend's Grip


    Here are the modified sections of dota_english.txt required for these changes and additions. Changed values are marked red and new values are marked blue.

    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_bane_enfeeble"											"Enfeeble"
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_bane_enfeeble_Description"								"Weakens an enemy unit, reducing its physical attack damage."
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_bane_enfeeble_Lore"										"Even the mightiest of warriors crumble before the terror of Atropos."
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_bane_enfeeble_Note0"										"Multiple casts on the same target do not stack."
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_bane_enfeeble_Note1"										"Cannot be cast on Roshan."
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_bane_enfeeble_attack_reduction"						"REDUCTION:"
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_bane_enfeeble_enfeeble_duration"							"DURATION:"
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_bane_brain_sap"											"Brain Sap"
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_bane_brain_sap_Description"								"Feasts on the vital energies of an enemy unit, healing Bane and dealing damage."
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_bane_brain_sap_Note0"										"Always heals for the full amount of health, regardless of how much damage it actually dealt."
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_bane_brain_sap_brain_sap_damage"							"DAMAGE:"
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_bane_brain_sap_tooltip_brain_sap_heal_amt"				"HEAL:"
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_bane_brain_sap_Lore"										"Atropos finds no greater pleasure than to harvest the fear he creates."
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_bane_nightmare"											"Nightmare"
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_bane_nightmare_Description"								"Puts the target enemy or friendly unit to sleep, disabling it and dealing damage over time. While asleep, the unit cannot see anything. Sleeping units wake up when getting attacked or upon taking damage. However, when woken up with an attack, the Nightmare passes over to the attacking unit."
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_bane_nightmare_Lore"										"A stolen prowess from the goddess Nyctasha is to put his prey into forever sleep."
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_bane_nightmare_Note0"										"In the first second of Nightmare, the unit is invulnerable."
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_bane_nightmare_Note1"										"The damage over time is lethal and can be used to deny allies or self."
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_bane_nightmare_Note2"										"Any damage dealt to the target wakes it up, except for Nightmare's own damage."
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_bane_nightmare_Note3"										"Nightmare transfers to the attacking unit at the start of the attack, not when the attack hits."
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_bane_nightmare_Note4"										"When getting transfered, the duration gets refreshed, including the invulnerability."
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_bane_nightmare_cast_range_tooltip"						"CAST RANGE:"
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_bane_nightmare_duration"									"DURATION:"				
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_bane_nightmare_end"										"Nightmare End"
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_bane_nightmare_end_Description"							"Ends all ongoing Nightmares."
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_bane_nightmare_end_Lore"									""
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_bane_fiends_grip"											"Fiend's Grip"
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_bane_fiends_grip_Description"								"CHANNELED - Grips an enemy unit, disabling it and causing heavy damage over time, while stealing mana every second based on the unit's maximum mana.\n\nUpgradable by Aghanim's Scepter."
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_bane_fiends_grip_Lore"									"Victims of Atropos are frequently torn apart by vivid conjurations of their own nightmares."
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_bane_fiends_grip_Note0"									"The mana gained is independent of how much mana the target actually loses to Fiend's Grip."
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_bane_fiends_grip_Note1"									"Provides True Sight over the target."
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_bane_fiends_grip_Note2"									"The Nightmare applied by the upgrade also pierces spell immunity."
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_bane_fiends_grip_Note3"									"When upgraded, Bane does not get auto-attacked while channeling the spell."
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_bane_fiends_grip_fiend_grip_damage"						"DAMAGE:"
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_bane_fiends_grip_fiend_grip_duration"						"DURATION:"
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_bane_fiends_grip_fiend_grip_mana_drain"					"%MANA DRAIN:"
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_bane_fiends_grip_fiend_grip_mana_drain_scepter"			"%SCEPTER MANA DRAIN:"
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_bane_fiends_grip_fiend_grip_damage_scepter"				"SCEPTER DAMAGE:"
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_bane_fiends_grip_fiend_grip_duration_scepter"				"SCEPTER DURATION:"
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_bane_fiends_grip_aghanim_description"						"Increases damage per second, mana drain, and duration. If an enemy tries to attack Bane while he is channeling Fiend's Grip, they will instantly have Bane's current level of Nightmare inflicted upon them."
    			"npc_dota_hero_bane_bio"														"When the gods have nightmares, it is Bane Elemental who brings them.  Also known as Atropos, Bane was born from the midnight terrors of the goddess Nyctasha.  A force of terror too powerful to be contained by sleep, he surfaced from her slumbers, fed upon her immortality, and stole his vaporous form from her inky blood.  He is the essence of fear.  Mortals who hear his voice hear their darkest secrets whispered in their ear.  He calls to the hidden fear in every Hero's heart.  Wakefulness is no protection, for Bane's black blood, continuously dripping, is a tar that traps his enemies in nightmare.  In the presence of Bane, every Hero remembers to fear the dark."
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_modifier_bane_enfeeble"				"Enfeeble"
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_modifier_bane_enfeeble_Description"	"Attack damage reduced by %dMODIFIER_PROPERTY_PREATTACK_BONUS_DAMAGE%."
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_modifier_Bane_Nightmare_Invulnerable"	"Invulnerable"
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_modifier_Bane_Nightmare_Invulnerable_Description" "Your nightmare is just beginning!"		
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_modifier_bane_nightmare"				"Nightmare"
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_modifier_bane_nightmare_Description"	"Asleep! Taking damage over time and losing vision. Nightmare transfers to any attacking unit."
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_modifier_bane_fiends_grip"			"Fiend's Grip"
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_modifier_bane_fiends_grip_Description""Disabled. Taking damage over time and getting mana drained."
    	// Ability: Bane Enfeeble
    		// General
    		"ID"					"5012"														// unique ID number for this ability.  Do not change this once established or it will invalidate collected stats.
    		"AbilityUnitTargetTeam"			"DOTA_UNIT_TARGET_TEAM_ENEMY"
    		"AbilityUnitTargetFlags"		"DOTA_UNIT_TARGET_FLAG_NOT_ANCIENTS"
    		"SpellImmunityType"				"SPELL_IMMUNITY_ENEMIES_NO"
    		"SpellDispellableType"			"SPELL_DISPELLABLE_NO"
    		// Casting
    		"AbilityCastRange"				"1000"
    		"AbilityCastPoint"				"0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5"
    		// Time		
    		"AbilityCooldown"				"8.0"
    		"AbilityDuration"				"20.0 20.0 20.0 20.0"
    		// Cost
    		"AbilityManaCost"				"95"		
    		// Special
    				"var_type"						"FIELD_INTEGER"
    				"enfeeble_attack_reduction"		"30 60 90 120"
    				"LinkedSpecialBonus"			"special_bonus_unique_bane_1"
    				"var_type"						"FIELD_INTEGER"
    				"duration"						"20"
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