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Thread: Wagering and questing bug

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    Wagering and questing bug

    I have been wagering and winning games since this week and i have always tipped on other players. Just yesterday i have noticed that by checking on the achievements tab on the Winter 2017 Battle Pass, the number of tips i have given which are recorded is stuck at 27 (this number did not change from last week). I cross-checked on the Battle Point Log under the Home tab and it shows that I have never tipped once for this week. Please fix this, I am aiming at finishing the "Tip 50 players across your games" achievement and I am more than half-way there.

    Also, I just finished a game using the hero on my Daily Hero Challenge (Centaur) and I also wagered. I won and when I looked at the Quests tab, it didn't put a check mark on the daily quest and the values for the weekly challenges also did not update. When I checked the Battle Point Log, it only logged the wager win.
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    Sorry, could not find a more fit sub forum for this.
    This is for the Winter 2017 Battle Pass

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    Questing Bug: Timely Interruption

    Please excuse me, but there seems to be no appropriate forum for Winter Battle Pass 2017 issues. So let me add mine to this thread.

    I am trying to accomplish the TIMELY INTERRUPTION quest under the Path of the Inquisitor for the Winter Battle Pass 2017. In game, I have stunned and interrupted enemy heroes casting Channeled Spells (Particularly Pudge and Witch Doctor Ultimates). However, none of them were credited to the completion. It happened in several other games before this one but I shrugged it off and thought it must've been my fault. But in the match ID below, the bug is glaringly obvious.

    I hope to find out whether this is a bug. It should be addressed soon since the Winter Battle Pass is set to expire next month, leaving players with little time to complete the quests.
    User ID: 324082155

    Match ID: 3071726336

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