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Thread: Dota 2 Crashes my System, won't start

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    Dota 2 Crashes my System, won't start

    Whenever i try to start Dota 2 the Video and loading screens starts normally, but when the game finishes loading and is suppossed to show the matchmaking screen the whole screen goes black and crashes my system, it makes it super slow i can bring the ctrl+alt+spr screen but it's so slow that i have to make a hard resest since i can't cancel the Dota 2 process, i tried changing the resolution, tried uninstalling and reinstalling, all kinds of resulotions 800x600, fullscreen, windowed, executing the game directly from the Dota2 folder and not trough steam and every time its the same, the game justs crashes my system, note that this is the only game that does this so my GPU it's not busted and its fully updated trough steam.

    System Specs:

    Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit
    4 gigs Ram
    Saphire Radeon 6870
    Core i7 860 2.8 Ghz

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    No ideas on what is causing this?

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    I'm having the same problem, at least it sounds like a similar problem. I can get into the game fine but as soon as I hit accept to enter a game the screen tries to load, but then I cant select a champ at all, the screen shows my desktop but its as if I'm still in the game, its just invisible. all I can do is Ctrl+Alt+Del and end the process.

    Edit: I actually got it working for me now. I updated my video card driver and it works like a champ now.
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    This may be due to an error in the installation. Please validate your install to ensure everything is installed correctly, as explained here,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zoid View Post
    This may be due to an error in the installation. Please validate your install to ensure everything is installed correctly, as explained here,
    Unfortunaly that didn't work, i validated the files and got no error, tried defragmenting to no avail (the game didn't need a defrag), i uninstalled and reinstalled, revalidated and still the same im really stumped on this, im using the latest drivers, i disabled eveything that could be doing something funky (antivirus/firewall), i could try to revert to previous drivers to see if that fixes the issue but overall i don't know what could it be maybe it's something Specific to the video card? if i can get my hands on another video card i will test it but as i mentioned before i can play every other game on my steam library for hours without problems so i don't think it's damaged (besides it's brand new got less than 2 months with it)
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    Everything is Updated, OS, Steam, Dota, Video Driver and still have the same problem don't know what else i can do

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    It seems that the crash is Driver Related, i tried again to launch the game both in fullscreen and windowed mode with the same results but when i tried in windowed mode i managed to see a pop up message of Graphic Driver Recovered from critical issue or something like that (didn't manage to read all before the screen went black and had to reset). So i think it's an incompability with current Drivers, since i also have a problem with Skyrim, people reported pixelization after updating to version 12.2 of Catalyst drivers and im having the same problem in Skyrim so i guess this new updated forked Dota too. When i get home ill try to uninstall the drivers and use a previous version of Catalyst to see if that fixes the problem

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