I hope this is the right subsection for this.

So I wanted to view a replay of one of my games for video-making purposes that I had saved quite a while ago (8 months ago, match ID 2500189692 in case it's needed). Today I wanted to see how well the replay works in the new client, and to be frank I was pleasantly surprised with how the old map loaded instead of the new one.

However, there's one major issue. The skill/item buttons all have weird cooldowns, and they're extremely annoying because everything is greyed out. The cooldowns don't change by themselves, they seem to randomly go up and down when I scroll through the replay.

I am not a programmer so I have no clue how easy or hard this would be to fix, but Valve, please do look into this issue and see if you can resolve it or not.

I am going to provide a link to the replay file I am now currently uploading into my dropbox. Here is the link, but for now it's not going to work because the file is still uploading and my ADSL upload speed is pretty terrible. Dropbox says it will be up in ~16 minutes. Hopefully the replay file will be of assistance in resolving the problem.