Everything Wrong with Matchmaking and Fixing It

I am Dota 2 Player and I am playing this game from 2013

Peoples are so pissed at this game ranked match and why ?

1. In a Dota 2 Ranked Match the most annoying problem that peoples face is peoples use other language for communication and this can totally piss you off because you dont know that language and it sound wierd so maybe we can give language based matchmaking and also in that language server you can only speak that lagnuage that can help a lot

2. Peoples just come in Ranked Matches and Pretends that he can play every hero and just random a hero so maybe remove the random button and it will help too much.

3. When someone abondons in between game if someone does that the whole team gets -25 for no reason imagine a situation where have others players but you core player is disconnected that you have only have 10% chance of winning that so I think if someone disconnects it will be better if he only gets -25 and not the whole team.

4. Very often I get some party players in my team and it is so annyoing to have them in solo matchmaking because even if you dont do any mistake they will curse you and even report you and the most imporatnt if you get 5 Party in another team and your team is Solo Matchmaking then they will have a good coordination and you will loose.

Now Lets jump to Normal Matchmaking

1. Recently I have seen a large amount of Quest Abuse Players just randomly spamming there lobby in chat groups so can we please remove this local chat group feature not only that Profile Sellers and LP Removes and Boosters you will find everything in this place.

2. Playing Low Priority is the most waste expirience and winning in single draft doesnt feels good can we have the old Low Priority System back or can we have just play Single Draft win or loose does not matter because everyone knows what RED Days is in Dota and if you get lp that time it can be way too annoying to play that even I have seen some peoples in LP who are playing 18 Matches in a Row but not winning a single game. (Yes they are not trying to throw the game)

Tried to post it on reddit but they keeps deleting it.