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Thread: [Suggestions] Vision Inside and Minimap

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    [Suggestions] Vision Inside and Minimap

    Hello everyone.

    I'm here to suggest some things for Dota 2 Mod. That involves with texts in the topic title.

    Okay, I'll start (I was with will to suggest this, and maybe depending can is in the game or inspire something positive, or no)...

    Vision Inside

    I think Dota 2 Workshop Tools does not have this feature. That is screen (not counting HUD), be changed to see the unit inside building, cave, etc. I suggest that Hammer, be able too, can make custom caves, etc in the scenario editor. Thus, not need to create another map to do custom structure of cave, and still have a positive thing, that it will have less limitations of interacting with units inside and outside the cave. An example: Mirana uses Sacred Arrow targeted at the entrance of the cave, if has an enemy in way inside the cave, she hit him. I also suggest that make this resource work with structures. Having fog for objects that block, that are not transparent. Examples: Wall of stone, etc...


    I suggest that the Hammer, have a minimap equal when is playing. With information of directions north, south, west, east, etc. To help orient the person.

    Is this. My English is bad, and I do not know if I'm going to use these features if I have one, because at the moment my knowledge of Dota 2 Mod is weak. But I wish this topic, help Dota 2 Mod.

    Images of games that have features that I said:
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