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Thread: SUGGESTION: Access Creep's Attack Target

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    SUGGESTION: Access Creep's Attack Target + Hero Projectile Speed

    in previous updates, we could find tower attack target by using GetTowerAttackTarget().

    if we want to find how many creeps are attacking specific unit, instead of using GetNearby...., we have to ensure that in table creeps, creeps[i] is attacking unit.
    I though that GetAttackTarget() function trigger for creeps too but it seems even creeps are attacking, this function return nil.

    It will be good if GetAttackTarget() also available for creeps or sth like GetCreepAttackTarget().

    and also it would be greatful to find out missile speed of hero attacks in order to calculate time needed to hit sb( useful for last hits and denies ).

    w8 for your suggestions
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    whilst here. if it works for neutrals as well that would be great.

    and RecentlyDamagedSince functions for them! Lina bot which pulls small camp when 'laning' (Aim to work on pulling and stacking bots initially) Parsing data from bot games

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