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Thread: [Batrider] Sticky Napalm not working for Bat when first stack wasn't placed by him

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    [Batrider] Sticky Napalm not working for Bat when first stack wasn't placed by him

    Sticky Napalm currently only works for whoever placed the first stack on an enemy. If another hero then places other stacks, it does not work for that other hero.

    This is an issue when having Morphling with Scepter in the same team as Batrider. If the Hybrid illu places the initial debuff with the 1st stack, Batrider cannot Napalm damage the enemy anymore.

    1. Pick Batrider
    2. Create a Morphling and give it Aghanim's Scepter
    3. Create a Hybrid illusion of Batrider
    4. Cast Sticky Napalm with the Hybrid illusion on an enemy who isn't napalm'd yet
    5. Cast Sticky Napalm with Batrider on the same target afterwards

    Result: Only the Hybrid can proc the Napalm damage, since it placed the first stack. Batrider cannot proc it, no matter how many stacks he puts on the enemy afterwards. He has to wait for the Napalm to expire and then place a fresh new debuff, which is not what any Bat player ever wants to do.

    Expected: Two options:

    1. Either Sticky Napalm should update its source on each stack
    2. Or, the better solution, everyone who contributed to the stack should be able to proc it.

    Please, just call me buny.

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    Maybe because it depends on the first caster for example if batrider illusion cansted first then u cast after you will not get extra dmg because you are not the owner

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