Just like the old Frostbite bug.

Refreshing Aghanim's Scepter upgraded Flaming Lasso on an enemy/enemies only resets the lasso duration. The damage over time stops and is not reset.

1. Get Refresher and Scepter on Batrider
2. Cast Flaming Lasso on an enemy hero
3. Before the lasso expires, use refresher and cast lasso on it again so that it gets refreshed
4. Observe the target's hp and eventually check the combat log for Lasso damage

Result: The first Flaming Lasso deals its damage normally. The second one only refreshes the lasso duration, so even though lasso lasted about twice as long, it only dealt damage for 1 duration worth of time.

Expected: Flaming Lasso deals damage in 0.5 second intervals, until the lasso debuff is gone. It shouldn't be limited to 6/7/8 ticks.