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Thread: Talent tree buff for heroes that needs it (suggestion)

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    Talent tree buff for heroes that needs it (suggestion)

    Templar Assassin:

    lvl 15- 12% evasion or 6+ all stats to 12% magic resistance or +3 refraction charges

    lvl 25- +3 refraction charges or -30 respawn time to +200 attack range or +25 agility (so ta can pick durability than respawning faster or mobility to attack and destroy the enemy)

    Nature Prophet:

    lvl 10- +250 hp or +30 damage to +30 damage or +2 treants (treants has overpowered pushing powers especially when np buys aghanim scepter)

    lvl 15- +4 treants or + 20 int to +350 hp or + 20 int or +10 all stats

    Oracle: (turn him into full support)

    lvl 10- +20% XP Gain or -20s Respawn Time to +20 xp gain or +150 hp

    lvl 15- +60 Gold/Min or +200 Health to +60 GPM or +8 all stats

    lvl 25- +2 False Promise Duration or +250 Cast Range to +250 Cast Range or (magic resistance or armor or -40 respawn time)

    Skywraith Mage:

    lvl 15- +90 Gold/Min or +75 Damage to +90gpm or +5 armor or +10 all stats (or swap arcane seal cooldown with the stats or if not then because of octane core but skymage needs dmg than disable because of manta style or bkb)


    lvl 15- +50 damage or +7 nature attendance to +15% magic resistance or 25% cooldown reduction
    lvl 20- +60 Untouchable Slow or +15% Magic Resistance to +60 Untouchable Slow (buff the as speed slow to the old patch or not) or -40 Respawn Time
    lvl 25- Enchant Affects Ancients or -50s Respawn Time to +100 attack range or +20 all stats

    lvl 20- 12% magic resistance or +6 armor to 15% magic resistance (or replace with +35 damage) or +10 all stats

    Doom: (he is not that dangerous)
    cannot think of anything needs more hp regen

    lvl 10- 200+ mana or +6 str to +20 movement speed or 6 str (mana is useless on sven because the supports can just help him stun or slow and its super annoying for that thing to keep spamming hammer)
    lvl 15- +8 all stats or +10 movement speed to + 8 all stats or +40 dmg (he is a initiator support)
    lvl 20- 15% evasion or +30 attack speed to + 100 storm hammer damage (kinda not powerful since he has low mana pool he cannot buy any mana regen because that will mess up his powers especially when the enemy has a lot of armor like bristleback or axe or timbersaw) or +15% damage on God's Strength (that 15% evasion kinda suck if they have a nuker or a very fast attack speed player with stun so that's where storm hammer comes and the 15% + god str dmg storm hammer helps sven nuke them first if the player picks the 25% cd reduction and the + 100 dmg on storm hammer
    lvl 25- -6 cd on storm hammer or +65 damage to 25% cooldown reduction or +60 attack speed

    Bane- swap +25% exp gain and +200 mana or +6 armor

    "*not really need for buffing talent tree or editing it*"

    Monkey King- I played him while lagging I just right click then staff all dead rampage with just the item bloodthorn, abyssal blade, stats (magic wand and ring of aquila), desolator and phase boots while lvl 25 because of 100+ boundless strike (total of 1600 dmg one hit of boundless strike)

    Terrorblade- the -30 sunder cooldown is good

    Omniknight- We don't want that thing being cancer in 5k

    Tidehunter- nice support, initiator and tank
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