I live in Brasil, and we have lotīs of camps amateur and pro, but usually they do not have ticket(they are free to watch), but unfortunately because of the way DOTA TV shows the matches we canīt find the games that are happenning now, in dota non reborn the games were shown by top viewers and I liked it a lot, sometimes when was going on a tournment in my state(less than 1000 players) we could put the game of the tournment on the top 1 watching just because the snowball that cause this system, this system helps all the world to see which scenario is the most movimented. When I am writing this note is happenning a national camp and I canīt watch because my internet is so poor that I canīt watch on twitch, and I have no idea how to find the game in dota tv because it is a lobby game. Sorry for any english mistake, it is not my primary language.