ok, so the way how "ignore user" works which show u the player muted in text and voice on the scoreboard when u play with him and u realize that this guy was in your game earlier and u didn't like him or his feeder or some other issues.I would love to see the same thing for good people.every 1 knows, no 1 like some random people to play carry then feed and that will end up with 5 men carry team.but if u have to commend some 1 it will show star or some sign beside scoreboard.so we can make sure that this is a player is good I've already played with him and he can do his shit properly.since we don't add every 1 to our friend list who is good in a game.this is better way to create trust between teammates.as well as it gives you the info that you have already played with this guy.

SORRY FOR MY ENGLISH.this is what i can write after spending 6.5k hours in dota2.thank you for the great game as well as things that I've learned from this game and its community.:P