So basicly, im a big cm fan, i enjoy playing it, and i have suggestion, since she is kinda weak, and not very picked, atleast recently, i want to share my idea of changing her ultimate, she now has a channeling ultimate ability, witch is kinda weak in early game and even in late game becouse she needs to stay close to output damage leaving her exposed even with bkb or gc, but what if u change her ultimate to a new ability, very similar,
but diffrent by meaning i imagine it would look something like Underlords "1st" spell - firestorm. but it would be just ice, maybe lower the damage, tweak the slow etc, it should look almost same like in diablo2 sorcery ability "blizzard" i think this new ability would take this hero to a complete new playstyle, coz then u would be able to play her at any role and lane, even mid, since her 2 active abilities are pretty strong. Thanks to hoever is reading this x)