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Thread: Invoker's Tornado

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    Invoker's Tornado

    Hi admin,

    This is my first time posting for a suggestion(not really a bug)
    I've started to notice this because I am a casual Midlaner

    I was using Ember Spirit, when I was playing against Invoker.
    And i dont usually get owned at mid, but playing ES against Invoker was first.

    My suggestion is, Invoker's Tornado is too OP for Ember Spirit's Flame Guard.
    1 out of TEN (10) skills of invoker can easily dispel 1 out of FOUR(ONLY 4) skills of ES.
    To be specific, Tornado dispels ES' Flame guard.
    either nerf Tornado, or make Flame Guard dispelable by Tornado.

    sorry for bad english.

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    I agree, the level 25 talent cd reduction is also a gigantic game changer since the range, cd, and the damage is devastating.

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