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Thread: Сhange mehanicks for afk players.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BEST_ View Post
    1- some times ppls cant leave base, coz enemy strong so they must be at base always and they cant get exp. I saw it 2-4 times, ppls cant get exp and they abandon game, but they not afk. With new system spown neutrals every 2 minutes hard get exp.
    If you can't leave base, you still go and kill creepwaves that come, and you get XP from them. If you simply sit in the fountain, that's not really gameplay in my generous opinion, therefore objectively AFK and should be punished. If the enemy is IN your base and killing towers and the ancient, that doesn't take 5 minutes so you don't get afk ban for that.
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    I would agree for multiple reasons.

    1) It might be the correct thing to do in rare situations to play in some way that gains you no XP.
    2) It might be better not to gain XP to keep your respawn time lower.
    3) Watch some pro games where supports are hidden in the tree line for a large proportion of time because of global ganking from Storm, Legion, Prophet, Spectre, Slark, smokes, etc. I'm sure that with some detective work you'll be able to come up with multiple examples where players would have been credited with an abandon. Ergo, you're doubting the decision making of professionals. At some point, experience just becomes less valuable.
    4) There's no warning beforehand, only when it's already too late.
    5) It could be too risky to go out and fight creeps; you are in vision of the enemy team. E.g. the situation with omniknight keeping a team alive vs. mega creeps by using his ultimate from a large distance with Aghanim's Scepter.
    6) There's no reason why the human report system should not be good enough for this (afk reporting) as it is.
    7) It creates an arbitrary personal goal to winning your game that may conflict with the team's goal of winning the game.
    8) The enemy team can purposefully make killing your base take 5 minutes or longer, and even repeatedly kill you in the fountain with certain heroes (sniper? Apparition?) and put you in low priority. In fact, a group of 5K players could decide to fail 10 placement matches on new accounts and put hundreds of people in low priority fairly easily. Abusability is a big no for an automated punishment system for me. *
    9) There's absolutely no reason why this system should ever apply for parties of 5 friends playing dota together. A hero not gaining xp is a conscious decision by the group made for a better chance (in the group's minds) of winning. Point [3] shows that such decisions can be made, even at a high skill level. **

    * Want some proof of how this can be done? Check out . Yes, a critic may point out that Crystal maiden's 'greedy' item build and AA's nice timing and prediction, as well as her team's failure to interrupt the AA all played a part, however, you can conclude that yes, all the players were 'playing' the game, and CM was just denied the opportunity to have game impact for a long time by her opponent's good play.
    For a professional example: Consider this game: (C9 vs. Alliance 2014 WCA Game 1).

    **in actuality I would argue the situation rises more often there, as people have the ability to abuse map awareness and increase their effective 'zone of control' when in a dominant position (either as a solo hero or a group). What I mean is that a better slark will be able to control say 6 jungle camps and prevent the enemies from farming in any of them, and a worse one maybe only 5. As players improve, the 'gap' in position required to deny the enemy farm becomes smaller. The gap required to go for a push and win also tends to become smaller, but with all the defensive options, and defensive heroes (say: Omniknight, Medusa, Sniper, Techies, Faceless Void, Enigma, Treant Protector, Alchemist,.... ) there are just situations where a team can hold on for a long time, but not have any map control.

    Quote Originally Posted by at35z
    that's not really gameplay in my generous opinion, therefore objectively AFK
    If something's not gameplay in 'your opinion' then no, someone is not objectively afk. He's subjectively afk according to you. If it is hypothetically speaking gameplay in my opinion, who are you to declare your opinions objectively define facts and are by logical extension always true?

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