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Thread: [Bug] Untranslated item crash.

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    [Bug] Untranslated item crash.

    This bug affects the current version of dota.

    How to reproduce (steps):
    1) Create a custom game with at least one translation (e.g. a game with a Chinese and English text file).
    2) Add an item to the custom game. Do not translate its name string in the translation.
    3) Set your dota to the untranslated language. The item name should be displayed as its identifier, like DOTA_ITEM_BLINK or something similar.
    4) Start the custom game with another player.
    5) Use the 'chat' to link the item to the other player by holding ALT and clicking on its icon in the item shop. If you did it correctly the item should show up as [UNKNOWN] in the chat.
    When the other player hovers or clicks the item their instance of DotA will crash.

    This should not happen. DOTA should return the empty string instead of trying to dereference a non-existing object and crashing, or better yet use the identifier as the name in these cases.

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    This is a known issue, and part of a larger problem.
    I've seen more than a dozen types of weird crashes, all caused by custom games.
    Even basic stuff like custom item names affect the normal client afterwards (people not being able to change the sticky ones unless they find out about hud_sticky_item_name item_tpscroll).
    Custom hero and abilities names used to bleed into the normal client, but was eventually fixed.
    There is progress in sanitizing these things, but it's slow. Gotta fix the more often encountered bugs first..

    Panorama localization files are just dumb.
    Unlike game localization like dota_english.txt & etc. that are robust, feature include and fallback to english - panorama ones are rigid, hardcoded (both in the c++ code, and on the web templates) and prone to breaking stuff.

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