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Thread: Watching old Tournaments in Watch Tab Suggestion !!

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    Watching old Tournaments in Watch Tab Suggestion !!

    I have a have a big suggestion about watching past tournament replays.
    I like to watch the past games of big tournaments, the BIG problem about this is:
    A big tournament always has alot of games and when i want to watch for example the first games i need to click the back button 50 times till i reach the last page :/ because on the first page are always the last games listen and on the last page the oldest ones...
    That take a shitload of time because the reaction time of the pages is not really fast with this fading in and out shit.
    And the best thing is when iam finished watching the first one i need to repeat that shit again to reach that page again for replay 2!!!
    And the absolute most fucking thing is when i click 1 time to much at this $%& button at the end, i landing on a blank page where the buttons disappear and then the only solution is to close the page and repeat the whole shit again. I mean my god who the fuck was programming this shit?
    So PLS for the sake of all, make this tournament replay pages scrollable!!! so i can scroll down in 1-2 seconds or add a field where i can type which page i want to see!
    I think thats not so hard to make!! The current state its really a pain in the ass...

    Oh only 57 Pages Oo

    The Blank Page
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