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Thread: Fantasy Challenge Kiev Major Bug - 24 April 2017 Day 1

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    Exclamation Fantasy Challenge Kiev Major Bug - 24 April 2017 Day 1

    Points are not being counted for the morning games, this seems to be because of locking feature being late.

    The totals for points are seen here:

    The first best of 2 for iG of the day was not counted at all / any of those first games it seems.

    Will this be rectified / edited to match? I would not mind usually but I spent money on extra cards to really try get a good total for fun, I am sure I am not the only one.

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    Same issue here.

    I also spent some money for extra cards, I have s4 and iceice for today and both have less points than they should.

    Please fix it and include all games.

    Thank you

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    This has been fixed in the latest Dota 2 update.
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