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Thread: [Help] Some scripts will slow my game down.

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    This has actually happened to me today with Pub Simulator and Nos full Overwrite, since the new update.

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    I get that too 90% of the time in my ItemPurchaseThink()

    I am starting to wonder if the bottleneck isn't the item purchase function itself. Something along the lines of "the time it takes the bot to buy something occurs over X frames instead of one" type of thing.

    Of course I could be wrong but from my tests, the only time it doesn't show it is when I use direct purchase calls (without tables, conditions and such) - basically, a very empty function.

    Nostrademous, I am curious, do you ever get ItemPurchaseThink() warnings?
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Nomad View Post
    Nostrademous, I am curious, do you ever get ItemPurchaseThink() warnings?

    With my latest addition of Sniper (who has some crazy ranges on abilities) I do get:
    Bot (npc_dota_hero_sniper) querying nearby creeps with a distance greater than cached (1800)!
    Cached distance is 1600 apparently... I wish I could turn of these warnings. Or better yet.. @ChrisC, it would be nice if the system upped it's cached range (to maximum 2500) using a lazy-loading mechanism. For example, it starts at 1600, but then first time I ask for 1800, now it caches at that value. Then when I ask for 2200 it start to use that. With a cap of 2500 (random number I picked that seems good).

    Also, that warning is missing a end-line character at the end of string (or Valve uses a concatenation system that appends all warnings to the end of the string never clearing the warning string throughout the game).

    I am beginning to think that the hardware capability of your PC has a lot to do with bot performance. Some people that observe my bots against default unfair bots tell me that my bots lose 80% of the time. When I do the same thing my bots win 90% of the matches. People report slow down (as per this thread), yet I cannot experience this issue (although I play from Local Dev and not Workshop... perhaps something in there is causing it.

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    Yes, i also get that on some people, even though it seems they arent actually even querying for creeps (if they are, the query is either "castrange" or below 1600).

    not workshop based, all my scripts are run local and i get low FPS, but as said, my housemate with same PC setup doesnt get low FPS with my scripts.
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