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Thread: Cant play Arcade, store wont load, activity feed wont load (like offline mode T-T)

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    Cant play Arcade, store wont load, activity feed wont load (like offline mode T-T)

    Dear Admin,
    Im really need your help, how to fix this problem.
    -Im connected to the internet and able to search opponent (online not bots).
    -but why store wont load, arcade lobby list wont load, activity feed wont load???
    I knew my Dota 2 file is error but wich file i have to delete so i cant download to restore it back.
    Please i need help. This happened 2-4 days before under sea terrain release (2017).
    Please im really need help.
    I have more Pictures when needed.
    +still able to spectate game but the players profile wont load(only at spectate)

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    Dear developer, this happening to a lot of people and this problem didn't get fix at all. The problem is not about our connection or offline mode
    So, we can't load in-game store, no trivia quiz, can't load feed and also if trying to watch the game, all the profile aren't shown and the game didn't even load properly
    This however, didn't happen when I go to internet cafe and that is really sucks cause I didn't like to go to internet cafe.

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    Same here :/

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    me too

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    any solution for this problem yet ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by aveyo View Post
    Your ISP is blocking some domains like
    * (ex:,
    * (ex:
    * (ex:
    * (ex:
    & etc.
    Notice that Steam uses external akamai cdn service - it could very well be wide-blocked.

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