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Thread: May 11 Bot Update

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisC View Post
    Could you remove "wards" from that list as we already have an aggregator for those?

    Also, I do want to verify it does detect tombstone. Code piped to my webserver has:
    u'enemyHeroesOther': {u'npc_dota_unit_tombstone2': {u'MaxHealth': 8, u'Mana': 0, u'MaxMana': 0, u'Loc_X': -1625.5068359375, u'Loc_Y': -1184.6047363281, u'Health': 8, u'Loc_Z': 256}}

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    ChrisC, Can you please disable "Armlet" usage of default bots? Its really annoying as any BoT with Armlet stays in team-fights idle and just Activate/Deactivate armlet hundreds of time a second until he/she dies.
    And Also please reduce the priority of "Faerie Fire" in Backpack list (Its priority is even higher than boots!)
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    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisC View Post
    It's basically any unit that is not a hero, creep, building, or courier.
    Does this include treant eye in the forest modified trees?
    it doesnt seem to, nor does simply UNIT_LIST_ALLIES.
    if i do a getnearbytrees call, it cant associate the modifier with it, so cant find it.

    how can we find which tree has the modifier please?

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