When having the Twin Blade Assassin set equipped together with the Hunter's Hoard immortal, Gondar uses a special set of animations of the Twin Blade Assassin, but with the shuriken being further away from him, to prevent it from clipping with the immortal item.

Thes animations' names start all with "twinblade_hoard..."

So he has

* the default anims
* twinblade anims
* hoard anims
* twinblade_hoard anims

However, he is missing 2 twinblade_hoard animations:

* twinblade_hoard_run
* twinblade_hoard_run_injured.

So when having these 2 items combined, he uses either hoard_run or twinblade_run at random. Hoard_run should not be used, because it mimics the default run animation, while the twinblade set is supposed to have a different animation. Twinblade_run should not be used, because it causes the shuriken on his back to clip into his immortal item. It should have an animation combining these effects, like how he has for all other animations.