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Thread: Cheating wheel Rilay / обман колеса Рилай

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    Cheating wheel Rilay / обман колеса Рилай

    На колесе рилай выпала аркана на Легионку. Вместо арканы дали нелепую сокровищницу и все.
    On the wheel of Rilay fell a lasso on the Legion. Instead of the arcana gave a ridiculous treasure and that's it.
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    You did not get the arcana, but "spin again" sector. The mechanics is that it will not spin again but just give you a random reward.
    There is a bug/uncertainty when arcana string is shown for "spin again" sector. Look at the picture MORE closely, you only get an arcana when you get exactly at the arcana sector.

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    all clear. Which immediately did not write sector 0 on the drum. Just next to the arcana are two useless sectors that are misleading. Because it was easy to make a narrow sector with a lasso - this would be an obvious truth. thank you for your help.

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