Hello support,

First of all it's worth mentioning that i have been playing dota for a long time, invested quite some money in it as well.
The thing is that this game is not enjoyable anymore and let me explain why.

Most recently, me and a friend of mine played the 10 games in order to get a TI7 MMR.
We played all 10 games together, we won 7 and lost 3. We both played very well, even when loosing!!

After the 10 games my MMR is 1700 and his is 2300. How can you explain that huge difference?? Also, how come with 7 wins and 3 loses my TI7 mmr is lower than my normal mmr??
Please make me understand... because i am really unhappy

I dont even want to mention what a toxic community is on this game...
Please dont transform this game into a multi million business and think about your community

Kind regards,