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Thread: Fail Weekend Battle cup 20-05-17 EU Division Tier 3

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    Hello Steam Support Team,
    i would like to report a problem which i have recently (20th May, 2017 @10:30-11:30 PM) encounter while playing Dota2. me and my team was playing weekend battle cup in EU division, we all invested our Battle cup tickets to enter the tournament, we won our 1st round (Quarter finals) and advanced to semi finals, but while we were in Semi Final match my whole team and even th opponents got auto disconnected, and after several attempts none of us could reconnect in the match same thing happen to our opponents also. we waited for more than 5-6 hours because we didn't wanted to lose the battle cup and our tickets and our wagers also.
    then i check online in steam discussion that is where i came to know that every one suffered from the same problem that night. if it is so, then you also are aware about that problem. My question here is, if you guys also knows about that problem why there is not a proper measure has been taken about that, its been more that 24 hours but still not information has been updated by your side. Is this the way we all lost our B cup ticket- just for nothing. Man, this is not right. we all got disconnected and it was not our faults it must be from the server r something else, so you must take a stand and update about that problem, and should also refunds our B Cup ticket and give some compensation.
    I am attaching some of the required Screen shots and details which will be helpful in this scenario for you to take actions.
    Thank you in Advance.
    Steam ID: nawaz4u
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