Balance patch 7.06 has added a new feature, which grants a Hero 30% of an allied creeps Experience, if aforementioned Hero denies the aforementioned creep.

This feature would grant a Hero, that denies an allied Melee Creep ~12 EXP (30% of the creeps 40 EXP).

This feature is broken for Arc Warden & Monkey King.

If these heroes summon their hero clones (via their ultimate abilities), then those hero clones will steal some of the experience that should have been given to the main hero.

The worst part is, that soaked up Exp wont be given to the main Hero (like it is in Meepos case), it simply will be wasted.

This makes playing Arc Warden & Monkey King harder than intended. This bug should be fixed asap.

Current behaviour: Tempest Double & Monkey King Soldiers soak up deny Exp.

Intended behaviour: Tempest Doubles & Monkey King Soldiers are not supposed to soak up Exp from creeps.

Video showcase: