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Thread: MMR Miscalculation

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    Angry MMR Miscalculation

    i hardly play ranked but decided to play International ranked to try and get a higher mmr. I have Won 8 out of my 10 games of International Ranked and with dominance. My party mmr is 2.7k and so is my solo but i ended up calibrating at 1.4k mmr. Now i would have taken it if i was on even on the skill of a 2k player. This makes no sense i play with people who are atleast 4k

    this is can not be the right calibration especially the wins i got i do not deserve this low and pathetic rank.

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    When you first calibrated your normal mmr how much did you calibrate to?

    I think the calibration method is based in the hidden mmr which is for your unranked games.

    Unluckily, they don't give information on how mmr calibration really works.

    Moreover, if when you play unranked games you try new things, new heroes, new builds and you lose often. Then your hidden mmr might be much lower than your ranked.

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