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Thread: Why I have 10 fps with -gl ? High end PC

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    Why I have 10 fps with -gl ? High end PC

    I have Lenovo Y50-70, my NVidia is GTX 860M, yet I have FPS drops as I have stated here -

    Whatever, my question is:

    Why when I put -gl my game barely runs ? I have 10 fps ???
    Almost the same with -vulkan ?

    I want to state I'm not an idiot, and I have clean Windows install, as well as dota, and Updated Nvidia drivers, as well as I've checked everything in Nvidia Control Panel
    It's like dota still uses my Intel GPU.

    Help ?

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    The GTX 860M is a 4 year old mobile GPU ( You have to play at medium to low settings to maintain 60 fps. Don't use -gl or -vulkan and stick to the default or -dx11.
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